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Just my stuff

gitolite update hooks to reject CRLF line endings and require formatted commit messages
The Subtle Magic Behind Why the Bootstrap 3 Grid Works | Experience Design at Hello Erik
URI.js - URLs in Javascript
A Senseless Conversation
The Egg
Merge Git Repositories and Preseve Commit History - Scott W. Bradley
The Little Prince: Chapter 21
assertTrue( ): How I Fell in Love with a Schizophrenic
Web server in one line of bash | Hacker News
The Structure of a Real Apology
A snapshot of your computer with dd, pv and gzip - Part 1
J2EE Static Content Delivery Filter - SlugFiller
A Senseless Conversation | Hacker News
List Out of Lambda / Steve Losh
trevoro/node-named · GitHub
Retrying AJAX Requests with jQuery ajaxPrefilter
Skitouren Carezza Karersee Südtirol - Skiarea Südtirol Dolomiten Rosengarten Latemar
Send email on SSH login using PAM | Yeah!
A tale of a 7 year journey in developing software for the enterprise
A business meeting
Ask HN: What unknown technical blogs or sites do you read? | Hacker News
The Scourge of Error Handling | Dr Dobb's
The Big Badass List of Twitter Bootstrap Resources
XY Problem
WebTCP: Making TCP connections from Browser - Artem Yankov
Cross domain javascript, lessons learned - Software Alchemist
Brainfuck beware: JavaScript is after you! | Patricio Palladino
IdP Shibboleth Installation - Linux (Ubuntu) | federation.belnet.be
coding, by Derek Young: MurmurHash 2 Java port
drkarl/javascript-screens · GitHub
Julio Cortázar - Il futuro - Lettura di Claudia Pandolfi - YouTube
REST Versioning
HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills · Modernizr/Modernizr Wiki · GitHub
Funambol Connector for Thunderbird 11 » Jonas Maurus’ maurus.net
protocol based polymorphism
Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: February 2011 current state and roadmap
Mobile HTML5 - compatibility tables for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPad and other mobile devices
Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners
How Companies Learn Your Secrets - NYTimes.com
Soporific Airs (Blog de la Musica para DJ Bolivia): Music To Code By, volumes 1-3
Odd Bits: Converting OpenSSH public keys
ssh protocol
Over The Top Scialpinismo
10126_BOrunningFolder_Bozen_DT.pdf (application/pdf Object)
opensourceinfo: winexe
IT Spotlight: Run Commands on Remote Windows Machines using Linux - M3
Creating CGI Programs with Bash: Getting Started - TigerTronics
Clone Pastie in 15 Minutes with Sinatra & DataMapper
oracle.security.xmlsec.wss.kerberos (Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Services Security Java API Reference for Oracle Security Developer Tools)